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SFA email 7/7/2017 -  Support for Families of Deployed Green Berets

This message is mainly intended for Chapters and members who are affiliated with and support Active Duty and NG units who are constantly deploying.  Please note the link below to a book that was written by the wife of an A/5/19 18D who just got back form deployment entitled "My Dad is a Green Beret."  It is written through the eyes of a child who's father is deployed.  I think it is something the FRG's may be interested in providing for families with young children.   Please check it out.  If there is interest in pursuing this let me know and I'll put you in touch with the author.  


Cliff Newman, SFA Executive Director, 910-485-5433

9th  Annual USASOC/USAJFKSWCS Sniper Competition

18-23 March 2018 

Special thanks to the sponsors that made this World Class Event possible

Competition results 


SPECIAL OPERATIONS SPEAKS is rebuilding their website

They are looking for high-res photos of SF troops in action, SF geezer get togethers, photos of SF distinguished persons (Roger Dolan et al), and any number of situational photos that may be used throughout the website.

Can you point me in the right direction to getting those kinds of hi-res photos (royalty free, of course).  Please contact  -    Kenneth Benway <kjbenway@mac.com>

Duke University is looking for post 9/11 veterans for two of their studies. PTSD & Pain Management - Click here

OASIS Group Newsletter (A Must Read) Click here

Colonel ® Mark D. Boyett's Book - Special Forces: A Unique National Asset               Book Details Click Here

Patroits Point Charleston, SC   -   Request for Assistance    (Click Here)

The US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School is actively seeking nominations for Distinguished and Honorary Members of the Regiment for the Special Forces, Civil Affairs, and Psychological Operations Regiments, Active and Reserve, along with Special Forces Honorary Colonel, Sergeant Major, and Warrant Officer of the Regiment.   CLICK HERE


Cliff Newman, executive director of the Special Forces Association, said the nonprofit was hit particularly hard by the floodwaters that came with Hurricane Matthew last month.  The 52-year-old association's compound off Doc Bennett Road - which includes picnic areas, a memorial garden and office space - was covered in nearly five feet of water at the flooding's peak.

Secrets, Denial, and Decades Later, a Medal of Honor for a Vietnam Medic

Our Chapter's Namesake 

MSG LOWELL STEVENS  (Click here)     

"Special Forces is a Mistress". 

Your wives will envy her because she will have your hearts. Your wives will be jealous of her because of the power to pull you away. This mistress will show you things never before seen and experience things never before felt. She will love you, but only a little, seducing you to want more, give more, die for her. She will take you away from the ones you love, and you will hate her for it, but leave her you never will, but if you must, you will miss her, for she has a part of you that will never be returned intact.

And in the end, she will leave you for a younger man."

James R. Ward, OSS