Request for Assistance

Please note the attached request from the newly reformed Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. the support of the DPAA is a joint effort by this Association and the Special Operations  Association.  If any of your members has any information or knowledge of the missions or personnel listed please contact the DPAA direct.  



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Joint message from the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA)


The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency investigates losses of our personnel missing in action.  They would like to contact the following personnel who might have information regarding our missing brothers-in-arms.  If you think you can help, and would like to communicate with DPAA, please contact Matt Kristoff, preferably by email initially, at, (Phone: 703-699-1240).  Note: DPAA’s phone voicemail system is currently going through changes and maintenance issues and is unreliable, which is why email is best for initial contact).

 1.  Anyone on the recon or Bright Light team that buried the remains of Capt Joseph Rosato, 558th Tactical Fighter Squadron near Dak Ha Township, Dak To District, Kontum Province.

 2.  SFC Larry S. McMillian and SSG James R. Moore regarding SSG Danny Taylor on RT Montana September 66.

 3.  Any team member on a CCN Team that was on the Feb 67 mission with SFC Domingo Borja in Laos.

 4.  Anyone on the team with SGT Howard Carpenter (B-50/Project Omega, FOB 2) that was KIA in Laos on Mar 67.

 5.  Anyone who was at the NKP launch site on 28 March 1968 when Spike Team Asp was lost (Ron Brown, Al Boyer, and Greg Huston).  We would also like to track down the ST Asp surviving indig team members.

 6.  MSG Minor Plyant, SSG Michael Stanfield and SSG Jay Graves that may have involved in an attempt to find 4 members of a UH-1C lost in Quang Nam Province on 8 May 68 from the 281st Attack Helo Company, Project Delta/B-52

 7.  Anyone with knowledge of enemy order of battle in Salavan Province, Laos, circa 23 May 68 when SFC Glen Lane and SSG Robert Owen from RT Idaho were lost.

 8.  Cordinne McMurray concerning 1LT James Birchim RT New Hampshire.

 9.  Frank Belletire reference SP4 William Copley from RT Vermont, 13 November < x-apple-data-detectors://4 > 1968.

 10.  Thomas M. Turner (USAF) regarding the loss of six 606th Special Ops Squadron personnel on a C123 over Laos on 13 Dec 68.

 11.  Any Bright Light team members and 195th AHC members that were involved in an attempt to find 1LT Harold Kroske, RT Hammer, 11 Feb 69 in Kratie Province, Cambodia.

 12.  James C. Lamotte regarding the loss of SFC Ricardo Davis, RT Copperhead on 20 Mar 69 in Laos.

 13.  Any of the four members that were extracted on 27 Sep 69 from Phouvongxai District, Attapu Province, Laos, by a UH1H from the 57th Aviation Company that lost PFC John Huntley.

 14.  Anyone with information on the crash and loss of Maj Gerald Helmich, A1H pilot, 602nd Special Ops Sqdn, on 12 Nov 69 in Boualapha District, Khammouan Province, Laos.

 15.  Anyone involved with the 30 Jun 70 and 27 Aug 70 for CDR Donald Aldern, A7A pilot in Attapu Province, Laos, lost on 29 Jun 70.

 16.  "Oliveras (no further info)" and Fred Wunderlich regarding the 4 Jul 70 loss of SFC Charles Bookout, RT Colorado, in Salavan Province, Laos.

 17.  CPT Steve Wallace and SSG Jeff Mauceri regarding the 4 Dec 70 loss of SGT George Green, RT Washington, in Attapu Province, Laos.

 18.  1LT McCarty or anyone with knowledge of the loss of SGT James Harwood, and 1LT Gerald Kinsman, on 15 Jan 71 in An Giang Province, South Vietnam.

 19.  Pat Mitchell and John St. Laurent regarding the loss of SGT David Mixer, RT Colorado in Attapu Province, Laos, on 29 Jan 71.

 20.  John "Rowdy" Yeats, Richard Hendrick, Kenneth Holmes, Coy Reese, Robert Cook, and Lemuel McGlothern regarding the loss of two WOs from the 158th Avn Bn who were trying to extract RT Alaska on 17 May 71 from Quang Tri Province.

 Thanks for your assistance,

Mike Taylor

Chairman, POW/MIA Committee